Central Penn Launches the First Free Housing Initiative in Capital Region

“We are proud to be the first college in central Pennsylvania to offer free housing to all incoming new students,” said Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams, president of Central Penn College. “With this initiative, all incoming freshmen and transfer students––who choose to live on campus––will be eligible to receive free housing for the entire 2019–2020 academic year.”

This equates to a savings of up to $5,800, for students who start in the summer term and go continuously through the spring of 2020. For students who start in the fall term, this equates to a savings of up to $4,350.

Over the past year, the college––under the direction of President Fedrizzi-Williams––has been working to address the global college affordability issue that many students and families face. In addition to offering free housing, the college has made the decision to freeze tuition rates for the 2019–2020 academic year

“For more than 100 years, Central Penn College has been a leader in providing affordable, career-focused education to students in this area and beyond. With our new Free Housing Initiative, we will continue to build on that great tradition,” said Fedrizzi-Williams, who became president of the college in June of 2018.

To be eligible for free housing, students must…

  • Attend full-time
  • Be in good academic and financial standing
  • Avoid any disciplinary issues

Qualified students will still be responsible for paying their tuition, utilities and a meal plan.

“A college education is an opportunity to improve one’s life for the better, and we want to provide that opportunity to more students,” says Fedrizzi-Williams.

Central Penn College’s academic schedule operates on 11-week terms offered four times a year. The Free Housing Initiative for the 2019–2020 academic year starts in the summer term, which begins in July 2019, and runs through the spring term, which ends in June 2020.

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