Cardiothoracic surgeon joins Holy Spirit–A Geisinger Affiliate

Posted On On: August 31, 2015 Categories Filed Under: Member News

CAMP HILL, Pa. – Serrie C. Lico, M.D., joined Holy Spirit Cardiothoracic Surgery– A Geisinger Affiliate. He performs minimally invasive cardiac surgery and is skilled in complex heart valve repair.

Dr. Serrie Lico

Serrie C. Lico, M.D.

Dr. Lico prefers to use a minimally invasive approach to heart surgery, when appropriate, because of the many benefits for patients. “By using small keyhole incisions, we can accomplish the same type of procedure we do now—such as bypass surgery, mitral valve repairs or replacements–without a large chest incision,” he says. “There are patients who report getting back to daily activities and work in a shorter period of time. There have also been clinical studies that demonstrate patients require less blood transfusion and experience less scarring and less discomfort.

The former assistant professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has gained recognition for his use of minimally invasive surgery to perform coronary bypass surgery without the use of a heart-lung machine. “By performing coronary bypass surgery without stopping the heart and without using the heart-lung machine, the risk of stroke and neurologic complications decreases,” he says, adding that it is a complex procedure that requires both a highly technical skill and the ability to multitask.

Dr. Lico also has earned a reputation as an expert in complex mitral valve repair. “I accomplish repair in a majority of my mitral valve operations,” he says. “Preserving someone’s valve has been shown to better retain the heart’s natural shape and function, avoid blood thinners, and lower the risk of surgery while improving quality of life and longevity.”

Having previously worked with Geisinger Health System in Danville for 10 years, Dr. Lico was attracted to the opportunity to join Holy Spirit and to take on the additional duties of director of cardiothoracic surgery.

“I’m excited to bring cutting edge surgical skills to Holy Spirit,” he says. “The program has great potential, and I am confident it will continue to be a quality destination for patient care.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lico, call Holy Spirit Cardiothoracic Surgery–A Geisinger Affiliate at 717.975.0900.