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Harrisburg, PA (April 24, 2015) In five years, millennials will account for 46% of the workforce. In ten years, that percentage moves to 85%.  This lends itself to one of today’s most pressing issues in the workplace: How do we engage this generation?


According to a recent Gallup report, 70% of U.S. employees are either somewhat or highly disengaged from their jobs. They are not connected with the purpose of their organization.   Despite rewards programs, compensation systems, and various HR plans put into effect over the past 40 years, most workers are not connected with the work they’re doing.


In fall 2015, business leaders will gather downtown Harrisburg for the launch of Business Evolution – a movement created to help companies address the issue. The focus is to spark a revolution among corporate leaders; to shift business leaders into purpose driven, rather than profit driven models.


“Purpose is the new way of doing business”, states John Dame, the creator of Business Evolution.  Dame, Managing Partner of Dame Management Strategies is the former owner of Clear Channel Communications, which he sold in the late 90s for $65M.  He is now a consultant and strategist hosting over 500 meetings annually with CEOs and corporate leaders both in one-on-one meetings and group sessions.  John sees a new shift happening.  “In the past, it seemed that businesses needed to turn a profit for years (if not decades) before they allowed themselves to explore a higher purpose.  The new model aims to express business and purpose in the same moment.”  The Business Evolution movement will launch with a CEO conference in Harrisburg, PA and branch out into a global movement inclusive of events, activities and online resources.  Among other projects, Dame is launching a foundation to spur this new way of thinking among emerging entrepreneurs.


”We need to bring more than just employment, product and money to the table. This new generation wants to be a part of giving back – a focus of enrichment of the community instead of just the business itself. Purpose is meaning.  An employee connected with the purpose of a business does 1.5 times the amount of work as an employee who is disengaged.”


Business Evolution 2015 will feature speakers from business powerhouses like Prezi, Rallysong and more.  Keynote speakers include entrepreneur and inventor, Kamran Loghman, who has helped to lead Apple in innovation and creative strategy.  Other keynote speakers include, David Hooker, the marketing mastermind behind Prezi, one of the leading cloud-based presentation software companies with 20 million users and growing.  Companies like Prezi have found a way to infuse purpose and meaning into everyday business, while achieving sales growth and engaging talent.


Other presenters include innovators, inventors and creative business leaders.  Business Evolution 2015 presenter, Tim Levy, Austin, Texas based business consultant and strategist states, “This new shift in business has been pioneered by companies like Tom’s Shoes- giving away a pair of shoes to people in need for every pair sold.  It has been championed by companies like Warby Parker who have given away over a million pairs of glasses to people in need as they conduct business day to day.  Creativity is the key and it comes through people collaborating and the result is innovation- that special sauce so many companies are missing.”  Levy also serves as John Dame’s lead strategist and has been instrumental in creating the Business Evolution movement from its inception.


The conference will also feature innovative collaboration stations where attendees can immediate apply what they’ve learned to their business practices, collaborate with each other on projects and work individually or group sessions with world-class facilitators to discover how to creatively infuse purpose into their lives and businesses.


“I understand that companies must make money and there’s nothing wrong with that, but after working with hundreds of C-level clients, it’s clear to me that money is truly a bi-product that can result as an outcome of great vision, purpose and a clear strategy plus an active leadership team who are aligned with this new way of thinking”, states John Dame.


Evolution will be held on September 30 – October 1, 2015 at Harrisburg University.  More information can be found at