We all Win

Posted On On: September 28, 2016

by:  Patricia Bucek, VP of Chamber OperationsNominationsOpen-web_4873014

Within just a few days, the recipients of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC’s 2016 Catalyst Awards will be announced. Friends, family, and colleagues will congratulate richly deserving organizations and individuals who have been selected by their peers for their outstanding accomplishments in business, as leaders, and for their community service. They’ll be formally recognized later this year at the Catalyst Awards event on November 30 at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg. And although just a few people will be handed shiny awards that evening, the truth of the matter is that because of their success, we all win.

We win as a region when entrepreneurs take their business franchising idea from the back of a napkin to a full-fledged retail operation, renovating buildings and employing hundreds of workers. We win when our young men and women and future business leaders can model their careers after and learn from the accomplished woman CEO of large multi-million dollar organization based right here in Harrisburg. We win as executives when we can model our companies after an organization that thrives while paying a living wage to a diverse local workforce, promoting a culture of inclusion while caring for our aging parents and loved ones.

We win as a region when a small business embraces innovation and collaboration to promote local tourism and economic growth while giving back to the community that supports them. We all win when a development organization is committed to building a vibrant and modern downtown community in which young people want to live and work.

Each one of the 2016 Catalyst Award recipients exemplify strength, resilience, creativity, imagination, stewardship, and above all, respect for their fellow business men and women, and for their teams.

We all win, because they show us the way to succeed.