Is it over yet?

Posted On On: October 25, 2016

by: David Black, President & CEO

Is it over yet?  Sorry if I hurt some feelings, but I have followed Presidential elections since Nixon ran against Kennedy (OK, I was 6, but I still remember it!) and have never seen two more disliked candidates for President.  When I saw the second debate the other night, I felt like I was watching really ugly reality TV…..Naked and Afraid at Longwood University. I don’t know about you, but I was afraid!

I have read a lot lately about the Kennedy/Nixon debates in 1960.  Those who saw it on television thought Kennedy won.  Those who listened on radio, which was common back then, thought Nixon won.  Remember the Ronald Reagan-Walter Mondale debate in 1984?  When Reagan was asked about his advanced age, he answered, “I will not use my seniority and experience against my younger and less experienced challenger.”  Even Mondale laughed.  The point is there was real substance and a little humor to the debates back then.  I blame as much on the moderators as I do on the candidates.

On a more serious note, we are having an election for US Senate that I recommend you pay very close attention to.  Pat Toomey is the incumbent and Katie McGinty is the challenger.  This actually holds more interest to me, particularly if the Presidential election goes as I anticipate.  I’m a big advocate for balance of power.  We have learned from experience that  a  President, Senate, and House all of one party can have some disastrous results.  There are no checks and no balances when one party controls everything.  Read up on this one, happy to share my thoughts with you one on one.

I’ll be glad when all the negative advertising is done as well.  I’m a little tired of political ads telling me who the bad guys are.  Just who is Wall Street?  And who are taxed and spenders?  As far as I can tell, they are people just like you and me.  Why don’t we just call them by names, like Sally and Sue?  I guess it doesn’t sound as good to accuse someone of special favors for Sally?

I think we all know we are a country and a government that is polarized right now.  That’s what the ads are all about.  What we need is a government that is about finding solutions.  So please vote, vote as you choose, but I will ask you to consider those candidates more likely to find solutions to problems rather than create problems.

See you at the polls on November 8th!