Invest in your Local Economy – Shop Small!

Posted On On: November 21, 2017

by:  Paul Van Winkle, Finance Specialist – CREDC

Do you know where your hard earned dollars go? Shop small this weekend and you can be sure they stay local and provide returns to your community.

The growing global economy has broadened consumer opportunities beyond what we could have imagined decades ago. Think about the last time you bit into a peach from a nearby farm, had a cup of coffee from a hometown roaster, or bought a product from a local craftsman – you just can’t beat “homemade”. In addition to the benefit to your quality of life you are improving the life of local shop owners, entrepreneurs, and employees – your neighbors.

Here’s some great news for the region:

-Central Pennsylvania is experiencing a low unemployment trend with September 2017 preliminary unemployment rate at 3.8%, the lowest it’s been since 2008.

-Rise of the Rest tour led by AOL’s Co-founder Steve case invested $100,000 into startup business competed for by entrepreneurs in the Harrisburg-Lancaster-York area.

-Downtown Harrisburg opened its first neighborhood grocer in decades. Provisions, pioneered by Shaun Donovan and Adam Porter, offers healthy, natural and local food you need for a complete plate for any meal.

This Saturday, remember to shop small in order to better the economy of your life, benefit local businesses, and support your friends and neighbors!