Come and Celebrate Three Decades of Building Your Business and Our Region

Posted On On: November 2, 2016

by:  Karen Young, Chair – Business Expo Committee

header_38316114You can’t “sell” at an Expo (no matter how good you are) nor should you. But, what an excellent opportunity to get to know your prospect better – it’s a great way to demo your products or services or just strike up a conversation. Ask for the appointment but schedule the appointment later! (Do NOT forget to follow up with those people you meet – even the ones you think aren’t going to buy right now – remember, they may be future customers or know future customers!)

As a result of last year’s Expo, HR Resolutions partnered with another member to create a joint service benefiting ($$) both members.  Without the Expo, the likelihood that 1) we would have met and 2) created this joint venture, was slim.

The key advantage to keep in mind is the opportunity of EXPOSURE in a concentrated  time frame.  Look at it as a chance to be in front of SO many different people in ONE DAY! No cold calling needed as folks are coming up to you! No trying to get past the gate keeper – the gate keeper’s not there!

As the event celebrates its 30th anniversary, and with me as chair, we are really excited to be modifying the event as a whole – a new time, basically – a new approach.  The event is now one day – no setting up your booth the day before – set up is the day of.  Exhibitors only have to be out of the office for a single day.

The event will run from 2:00pm – 7:00pm.  We anticipate this will attract more attendees, as some people may not be able to get out of the office during the day.  Plus, did I say party? Beginning at 5pm, the Expo Hall will be converted into a Business After Hours.  So please join us this year and help us celebrate three decades of building your business and our region.