Andy Shaw named Managing Director, sets new vision for Granite Creative Group

Veteran marketing strategist Andrew Shaw has joined Granite Creative Group as its managing director. The company was launched in 2019 by Saxton & Stump, a central Pennsylvania-based law firm, to provide digital and traditional marketing services to small- to medium-sized businesses. Under Shaw’s leadership, Granite Creative will establish new disciplines and expand on services offered to its clients.

“Granite Creative has an established team of talented professionals already doing great work for clients,” said Saxton & Stump CEO James W. Saxton. “With Shaw’s tremendous energy, impressive expertise and fresh ideas, we’re excited to grow the team and take our clients’ marketing strategies to the next level.”

Shaw recognizes the growing need for businesses to increase their brand awareness and improve lead generation. He is passionate about helping them tap into the latest marketing, SEO, web design and digital design best practices. Having most recently served at a Harrisburg-based design agency as its marketing and branding strategy leader, he brings more than a decade of experience as a communications professional.

Inspired by the team of marketing professionals at Saxton & Stump, Granite Creative is comprised of marketing professionals with backgrounds in content strategy, website development, design and digital marketing. The core team has been working together to help businesses build websites, enhance brand image and recognition, drive business and improve overall marketing for nearly four years. Granite Creative will continue to serve Saxton & Stump’s strategic partners including Granite HR Consulting, Granite GRC Consulting, Granite Settlement Company, SE Healthcare and Optimal Dispute Resolutions.

New role brings new energy

The managing director role, new to Granite Creative Group, firmly establishes the agency as a growing presence in the marketplace with a vision set on raising the expectations of what marketing and design can bring its clients. Shaw brings an established approach to marketing that centers on principles of behavioral economics, human centered design and data-driven decision-making. By blending data, empathy and psychology, he believes clients are best prepared to stay ahead of competitors and reach customers the most effectively.

“When you’re marketing with a solid strategy, it’s not guessing. You’ve done the legwork to know the who and the why,” said Shaw, who has worked with local and national B2B and B2C companies. “I’m thrilled to lead a passionate group focused on getting results for clients that make a real difference, and to extend Granite Creative’s considerable presence.”

Shaw’s prowess as a communicator is broad and far-reaching. A former journalist, he is an author and dad blogger with three books to his credit. He is also the emcee and a cofounder of a long-running comedy troupe; he teaches a college class on humor and public speaking as well. He’s enhanced his industry knowledge with a graduate certificate from Cornell University in Integrated Marketing and a B.A. in Communications from Waynesburg University. Shaw has also completed a certification program through the University of Toronto in behavioral economics.

About Granite Creative Group

Granite Creative Group offers marketing and business services to companies to help ignite business growth. The company is comprised of creative thinkers, marketing and business strategists, artists, relationship builders and business igniters. The intersection of creativity and strategy is where business growth happens, and Granite Creative is positioned to guide its clients to that point and beyond. To learn more about Granite Creative Group, visit

About Saxton & Stump

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