5 Questions Employees Have about the Coronavirus

All employers have a responsibility to keep your employees safe and well-informed. In times of uncertainty, this can be hard. However, there are many great resources to help businesses (large and small) navigate the coronavirus and its potential impact.

Here are five things your employees are wondering about. Are you ready to answer? If not, we suggest taking a look at resources from the CDC, PA Department of Health and other experts around workplace responses. Remember, our region is currently in prevention mode. Now is the best time to plan.

  1. What happens if my child’s school closes? Will I have to use personal time, take unpaid leave, or do you have another option?
  2. What steps are you taking to keep germs from spreading in the workplace?
  3. What impact is the coronavirus having on our company?
  4. Will you restrict my travel or attendance at professional events and classes?
  5. Am I able to work from home?
    • If I become sick
    • If my child becomes sick
    • If me or a family member is placed in quarantine

Has your workplace already answered these questions? Let us know what you’re doing—we’d love to share your good ideas with our members.

If you’re struggling to find answers, here are a few resources:

Harvard Business Review | 8 Questions Employers Should Ask About Coronavirus

Society for Human Resource Management | Health, Wellness and Leave Benefits Help Employees with Coronavirus

CDC | Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers


PA Department of Health | COVID-19 Updates (Note: This webpage can be translated into all languages if you need to share this information in a language other than English)