2019 Catalyst Awards | Small Business of the Year Award Winner: Triscari Video | Web | Marketing

Triscari Video | Web | Marketing got it’s start in communication media 40 years ago as Triscari Enterprises. With a steady growth made possible through quality service and work, Triscari grew to expand and bought the property it exists upon today in 1993. At this point, Triscari Enterprises was rechristened Triscari Productions Incorporated to better reflect its reputation of producing high-quality video production projects. Year after year, Triscari grew more popular with Central PA small business owners to provide that much needed service. 

Evidence of Triscari’s history is apparent to visitors of our campus, as the now famous “Triscari Tour” has wowed and delighted potential clients and would-be marketers alike. From the plethora of historic instruments of production and broadcasting to the high-quality 1,500 square foot studio located on site, visitors will always leave with a pleasant and unique memory. 

As times changed, and the digital boom came about, Triscari has molded its services to match and exceed the demands of the market. In 2003, Triscari again expanded to include website design and development services as well as social media marketing specialists soon afterward. During this decade, Triscari earned #8 in Website Design and #12 in Advertising/Marketing/PR in Central PA. 

In 2018 Triscari celebrated it’s 40-year anniversary in its Spanish-style haciendas, located near Harrisburg, at 59 Central Blvd. in Camp Hill, finally rebranding as Triscari Video | Web | Marketing.