2015 Graduates Continue Academy Success with the IB Diploma

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WORMLEYSBURG, PA – Harrisburg Academy is proud to recognize its seven recent graduates who received an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma this summer.  The success of the Class of 2015 brings Harrisburg Academy’s total IB Diplomas earned to 55 (in seven years).  The school congratulates:


  • Brian Clark ’15 – Denison University, Highly Competitive*
  • Rachel Duong ’15 – Lebanon Valley College, Competitive
  • Jini Gabbidon ’15 – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Most Competitive
  • Joshua Getz ’15 – Gettysburg College, Highly Competitive
  • Seyoung ‘Lanie’ Jung ’15 – New York University, Most Competitive
  • Dayna Levine ’15 – Skidmore College, Highly Competitive
  • Ilija Marchenka ’15 – Rice University, Most Competitive


Harrisburg Academy’s pass rate continues to be on par with the worldwide average pass rate according to data from the most recent IB annual review and IB Diploma Statistical Bulletin.  The Academy’s five-year average points score also continues to measure higher than worldwide averages.


2015 IB Success at Harrisburg Academy
  Harrisburg Academy Worldwide
Average IB Grade of Students                              who Pursued the Diploma and Passed 4.72 4.59
*Harrisburg Academy IB Diploma recipients earned seven scores of six or seven on individual subject tests.  All seven Academy IB Diploma recipients earned at least two scores of five or higher on individual subjects, with a grand total of 22 scores of five.                                                                                                                                                  *The highest grade possible for each subject test is seven.                                                                    *Scoring a five is comparable to scoring a four on AP exams; scoring a six or seven is rare.
Average IB Points Score of Students                                                           who Pursued the Diploma and Passed 31.37 29.88

*The total points possible is 45.

*Based on the most recent five-year IB statistics available (May 2014).                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Individual Merit:                                                                                                                                                                                                  Class Valedictorian Ilija Marchenka ’15 Earned an Individual Points Score of 37                                                                                                                             

*Based on the most recent available IB statistics (May 2014), a score of 37 places Ilija in the top one-fifth of all IB Diploma recipients worldwide.



“As an IB World School, Harrisburg Academy continues to reap the benefits of the program alongside the already academically challenging and globally minded education we offer our students,” said Dr. Thomas Banks, IB coordinator and head of Middle and Upper School at the Academy.  “Alongside the Academy’s personalized college counseling program, the IB program propels our graduates into their future academic and career goals.”


*Competitive rankings are determined annually by “Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges,” an industry-standard tool for comparing the selectivity of colleges and universities.  Barron’s ranks all colleges and universities on a scale comprised of seven levels of selectivity, based on difficulty of acceptance and strength of accepted-student SAT scores (the higher a school is rated, the more difficult it is for a student to gain acceptance).  Barron’s scale is as follows, beginning with the top classification: Most Competitive, Highly Competitive, Very Competitive, Competitive, Less Competitive, Non-Competitive, and Special (including exclusive music conservatories and art schools).


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