Legislative Priorities

The Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC represents the interests of nearly 1,500 businesses employing people in Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry Counties. Through input and feedback from the Harrisburg Regional Chamber membership, the Government Relations Committee has developed the following list of updated and working legislative priorities for the current legislative session.

Please click here to view the Chamber’s 2014 Legislative Priorities.

Transportation & Infrastructure Funding

For decades, Pennsylvania’s transportation systems have been grossly underfunded.  You’ve heard the stats before about our roads and bridges; Pennsylvania’s infrastructure is in bad shape.  This issue affects all Pennsylvanians’ abilities to travel safely and efficiently.  Additionally, from the commerce perspective, this issue affects local businesses and organizations’ efforts to transport their goods and services in a timely, efficient, and safe manor.  The Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC supports an aggressive proposal to fund transportation which will aid in addressing these large issues.

At the beginning of June, the Senate managed to pass SB 1 – the legislation providing for comprehensive transportation funding – in a 45 to 5 vote.  Unfortunately this bill was not able to make it through the House of Representatives before the June 30 budget deadline.  Though both Governor Corbett and the General Assembly remain optimistic that this issue will be tackled in the fall, it poses a significant and detrimental problem in the interim.

Click here for a list of structurally deficient bridges (SD) by legislative district.  Please note, the Commonwealth has nearly 4,500 SD bridges.  This document does not depict all of them.  It only notes the SD bridges that were weight-restricted by PennDOT on August 22, 2013.

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